Setup Legacy Archive

 To set up a connection first you want to:

  • Activate Archive in Features under Company Settings in Essentials Platform.
  • Next Find the Archive Tab.
  • In Archive you will find click on the Gearbox on the right.  There you will see *MS Exchange servers.
  • In gray on the right click on Add New Connection
    • Input Server name: (i.e. or,
    • Port for (Imap/POP3)
    • Username for e-mail Address
    • Password for e-mail Address
    • Connection mode (SSL/TLS)
    • Click on save.
    • To activate the archive please click on Start under status.

Now you can start or stop the service, Edit the connections settings, and test the connection settings. If you have several other archive mailboxes you can also add them to the archive service as well.

NOTE: Even though it says MS Exchange Servers it doesn’t mean it has to be a MS Exchange server. You can add any e-mail account that allows you to connect via an IMAP or POP3 connection.  

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