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False Positive and False Negative Reporting
Posted by David Szoke, Last modified by Michael Gabbitas on 24 January 2018 03:24 PM

Ticket Creation

For these processes, we highly recommend providing the details directly in our ticketing system by attachments. Please make sure when submitting, follow these ticketing processes:

Creating a ticket
Updating a ticket

False Positive (FP): message that is not spam, but incorrectly being blocked as spam. 

These messages could be inbound or outbound. When an outbound message is quarantined, depending on the set-up, either the user and/or admin will be notified.  The Support Team will need a copy of the original message being sent. Without this original message, we cannot assist you in sending or receiving this message we will be unable to adjust our anti-spam service for this FP message issue. 

False Negative (FN):  message that is spam, but is incorrectly seen as a regular email. 

Incoming False negatives are messages that come through our system that passed our anti-spam filtering. This is an annoyance to end-users and should be reported to ensure that the message(s) are not seen again. Again, support will need a copy of the original message.


Reporting FP/FN as an admin (only Admins can see this option):

  1. Go to the Logs
  2. Search for this message (again)
  3. Click the detail/view button
  4. Press the "Report as ..." (False Negative - spam/False Positive - not spam)
  5. Fill out the information on the next page.
  6. Submit.
  7. If you would like to check the status of the reported message(s) please open a ticket with the permalink(s)


If you are using the drop down selection to 'report as..' you can only do this one at a time, you cannot mass select messages and report. This does not work.

Certain messages can not be reported: messages that triggered custom filters or sender lists, and messages that were sent to a non-licensed email address


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