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Proofpoint Essentials: Verify your domain
Posted by Chris Moores, Last modified by David Szoke on 25 April 2018 07:53 PM

New domains being enabled for email relay purposes will require a simple step to verify domain ownership. This industry standard verification technique is part of Proofpoint’s ongoing efforts to improve the security posture for our customers.

What is Domain Verification?

Domain verification is used to verify the ownership of a domain that is intended for relaying email. Proofpoint Essentials provides two ways to verify ownership:

  • Add a DNS record (TXT) to the domain’s configuration
  • Add a custom a META tag to the homepage associated to the domain

Will all domains need to be verified?

Only new relay domains, or existing management domains switched to relay domains, will need to be verified. Existing relay domains will not need to be verified.

Will management domains need to be verified?

No, management domains do not need to be verified, as they are not used for relaying email. If a existing management domain is changed to a relay domain, it will need to be verified.

How often do domains need to be verified?

New relay domains only need to be verified when they are enabled for relay. Once they have been verified, no further verification will be required in the future.

How do I verify domain ownership?

There are two ways that domain ownership can be verified. 

  1. You can add a TXT record to the domain's DNS configuration.
  2. You can add a custom META tag to the homepage associated to the domain.

Only one verification technique is required.

There are knowledge base articles available for both verification methods.

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