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Error with opening encrypted emails & attachments
Posted by Ben McGilton, Last modified by David Szoke on 11 January 2018 09:09 PM

Error with opening encrypted emails & attachments 

Opening an Encrypted email:

When logging into the Encryption Portal to view a received encrypted email, sometimes users may see the following error:


You are trying to access a message that has expired, or you do not have permission to view the message. Log out and log back in as the user who received the notification."

This indicates that the email is expired (Past 14 day retention period), or you are not logging in with the correct credentials.

What can cause this:

1 - If you have a registered encryption account such as "" , and the email is sent to "", You must log in/Register with the exact email address it has been sent to. In this case "". This is a common issue with shared mailboxes with users trying to login with their own personal credentials and not the exact address the encrypted email was sent to. 

An easy way to check this would be to check the permalink of the "To" address. 

2 - Accessing the email has produced this error if the encrypted email trying to be accessed is older than our 14 day retention period. 

Downloading Attachments:

Mostly due to the sender side and winmail.dat , This is something the sender needs to reconfigure on their Outlook to not send using RTF and their Exchange to send not using RTF. 

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