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UI Logs say “Delivered” but email is not in my Inbox
Posted by Ben McGilton, Last modified by David Szoke on 19 January 2018 07:12 PM

UI Logs say “Delivered” but email is not in my Inbox


When looking in your Proofpoint Essential Logs, and you see an email that has a STATUS of “Delivered” but it is not in your inbox. There are a few things to check:


 Click on the “Detail” Button and scroll down to “Delivery”. You will see something similar to the following:


Status: Delivered 
Summary: This message was successfully passed on to its destination 
Timestamp: 21:11:13 BST, Thursday 21 September 2017 
Last delivery response: [] said: 250 2.6.0 <> [InternalId=57818849739116.

The 250 Hand-Off response verifies that your mail server accepted the email from our dispatch server. At this point, the message has left our control. You can use the internal ID given by your mail server to trace the email, and also check your other Inbox folders (Junk  etc)

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