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Proofpoint offers two separate encryption services:  One for Proofpoint Protection Services (PPS, Enterprise Service)  and another for Proofpoint Essentials (PPE, Small - Medium Business service).  In both services, the sender tags the message for encryption by adding "Encrypt" to the subject line of a message.  Note: Customers can also create their own filters for triggering messages to be encrypted .


Recipients will receive a message the first time an encrypted message is sent with a link to the Proofpoint Encryption portal.  The first time a user opens the portal they will be presented with an option to register. This is where the services differ slightly.

  • PPS registration will prompt for a password.  
    • Optional: A security question prompt may be requested as determined by the organization originating the encrypted messages.
  • PPE registration will only prompt for a password.

Password Reset:

After initial registration, if a user forgets their password there are two different ways to recover that depending on which service is being used.


  • Depending on the organization that is originating the encrypted message, the following password reset options may be offered:
    • A "forgot password" link.  If offered, two possible options exist.
      • Send Password reset email:  An email with instructions on resetting the password will be sent.
      • Security Question: User may be be prompted to answer their security question.  If successful, an option to create a new password will be offered.
  • If a "forgot password" link is not offered OR if the offered reset options don't work,  the recipient will need to contact the sender of the encrypted message and have them work with their email administrator to reset the account. 


  • Users can click on "forgot password"
  • An email will be sent with instructions to reset the password
  • If you don't receive an email, please contact Proofpoint Essentials Support.

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