Office 365 Validation Error - Workaround

Microsoft recently changed how connector validations work.  Creating a valid connector is a requirement to send outbound mail to Proofpoint and this article provides updated directions to help with this important validation step.

Note: The issue is due to a new requirement by Microsoft for creating connectors and is outside the control of Proofpoint.


In February, 2018, customers started reporting the following error at the validation step:

The connector is set to be used for specific recipient domains but these recipients '<>' aren't matching any of the connector's recipient domain(s).


In the second screen in a connectors setup it asks "When do you want to use this connector?" with a place to add a list of recipient domains that will use the connector.  Proofpoint's setup guide directs administrators to only add a single wildcard as a receiving domain.  This allowed you to then use any email address during the validation step later. It appears Microsoft is no longer allowing a wildcard for the validation step.
Note: The wildcard will still allow you to send to any domain through this connector so it should still be added in this step.
For the validation step, administrators must now add the TLD (Top Level Domain i.e. .com, .net. .org etc.) for the validation email address they plan to use.  If you plan to send to <> you should add *.com or for <> you should *.net etc. to your domain use list.  By specifying the TLD of the validation email you will be able to complete the validation step that occurs later in the connector setup.
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